Soonawalla Agiary Celebrates Glorious 111th Salgreh

The Seth Edulji Rustomji Soonawalla Agiary, located at Mahim in Mumbai, celebrated its glorious 111th Salgreh on 28th April, 2024 (Roj Sarosh, Mah Adar; YZ 1393) amid much religious fervor and festivity. A continuous flow of humdeens through the day came to pay their respects to the Padshah Saheb, despite the extreme temperature in the city.

The Agiary was resplendent with flowers and rangoli carved by Kamal, Freya, Ruxshin Jijina and Jasmine Tavadia, with the aroma of loban rendering it heavenly. The evening started with a Jashan ceremony led by Panthaki Er. Kersasp Sidhva, alongside 11 Mobeds, who have been rendering their selfless service to the Agiary for decades. Trustees – Dr. Er. Burjor Antia, Kersi Tavadia and Merwan Irani were present during the ceremonies.

After the Jashan, all humdeens prayed a Humbandagi. Dr. Burjor Antia felicitated all the mobeds and announced a donation of Rs.1,00,001/- towards the corpus of Agiary. Chasni was then served to all with refreshments. Some humdeens requested the trustees to organize religious lectures in the Agiary hall, which the trustees readily agreed upon.

A Machi was then offered to the Padshah Saheb in the Aiwishuthrem Geh, by Er. Hormuzd Bulsara, which was also attended by a large number of devotees. The Trustees and Management extended their gratitude to all for making the salgreh celebrations a grand success.

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