ZWAS Spread Joy At Old Age Homes

Spreading smiles among Surat’s senior citizens, the dynamic ZWAS (Zoroastrian Women’s Assembly of Surat) ladies brought much joy to the residents of the Nariman Parsi Infirmary, as also to its sister community. The young at heart silvers at the Matoshri Vruddhashram (Adajan, Surat) and Ashra Old Age Home (City Light, Surat), were overjoyed as the charming ZWAS ladies, along with the enthusiastic young staff of Tata Consulting Engineers (TCE), visited them on the occasion of Good Friday and also on 20th April, 2024.

The seniors enjoyed spending with the visitors and also had a gala time playing various fun games like Housie, Musical Arms etc. But the show-stealer was the musical ‘Antakshari’, which had nearly everyone singing golden retro hits and many couples happily reminiscing the good old days, while they sang duets and other songs.

The residents were then provided food packets by the ZWAS team, while the staff of TCE contributed food grains and cooking oil, for which they expressed much gratitude and also thanked everyone for spending so much time with them.

Writes in ZWAS member, Nilufer Bavaadam, “Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. Years may wrinkle the skin, but giving up the hope of living happily, wrinkles the soul. Hope that the younger generation understands this and that our seniors don’t have to knock on the doors of old age homes!”

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