Burzin Mullan Ordained Navar

10-year-old Burzin Jeraz Mullan was initiated into priesthood by completing his Navar ceremony on 28th May, 2024 (Mah Dae, Roj Sarosh), conducted at Cama Baug Agyari, performed by Er. Farzad Ravji and Er. Hormuz Ravji, under the able guidance of Vada Dasturji – Er. Keki Ravji. The ceremony was dedicated in honour of Er. Burzin’s maternal grandfather – Osta Jamshed Hormusji Panthaki.

Studying in class V at St. Mary’s School, Er. Burzin is an active member of 16th East Bombay Zoroastrian Bharat Scout Group and XYZ Foundation. Gratitude is extended to Roshan Aunty for teaching prayers and providing loving care and moral support through this journey, as also to the Agyari staff. Godrej Baug resident, Er. Burzin, is the son of proud parents – Armin and Jeraz Mullan, brother of Riya Mullan, grandson of Osti Meher Mullan and late grandparents – Er. Farrokh Mullan, Persis and Jamshed Panthaki.

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