Khordad – In Pursuit Of Excellence!

15th October, 2023, (tomorrow), marks the first day (Roj Hormuzd) of the holy month of Khordad. The third month of the Zoroastrian calendar, Khordad ushers blessings of purity and perfection. Khordad or Avestan Haurvataat is an Amesha Spenta presiding over the purifying waters; it also embodies the quality of excellence and wholesomeness. Khordaad and Ameredaad (Avestan Haurvataat and Ameretaat) are twin concepts representing the goal […]

Seven Ameshaspentas On The Navrooze Table

Navroze is the first day of the Zoroastrian Fasli calendar, literally meaning ‘New Day’ i.e. the beginning of Spring, the first month – ‘Farvardin’. Persians perform different traditions before and after ‘Norouz’ – such as Spring cleaning (Khane Tekani), Festival of Fire (Chaharshanbe Suri), visiting relatives on Navroze and decorating the special Navroz table or ‘Haftseen’ with seven auspicious articles. […]