Devlali Agiary Celebrates 103rd Salgreh

Precisely at 5:00 pm, the hallowed precincts of Bai Ratanbai Jamshedji Edulji Chenoy Dar-e-Meher, at Devlali, reverberated with the chanting from our holy scriptures, led by 16-year-old, Er. Rooyinton Mehenty – the quartet of priests comprised his father, Er. Nozer (Panthaky of the Agiary), Er. Freddy Dastur and Er. Navroze Minocherhomji. Rooyinton’s enunciation of the […]

Varzavand Dadachanji Ordained Navar

(Er.) Varzavand Hormuz Asphandiar Dadachanji completed his sampoorna Navar prayers from the Dadar Athornan Institute and was ordained Navar on May 21, 2019, at the Vatchagandhy Agiyary. Varzavand was ordained by his grandfather, Er. Asphandiar Dadachanji and Mama Er. Darayus Bajan. The ceremony took place under the leadership of Dasturji Dr. Firoze Meherji Kotwal. Varzavand […]