Film Review: Alien: Covenant

Take an eerie-looking spacecraft (Covenant) hurtling through space towards planet Oregai–6, 15 crew aboard in hyper-sleep along with the 2000 passengers out to colonize a planet, add some of the ghastliest, bloodthirsty creatures — with bloodcurdling screams — designed by VFX specialists, and you have Alien: Covenant. Five years after the prequel Prometheus and almost […]

Film Review: Colossal

An inveterate alcoholic, Gloria (Anne Hathaway) — the once professional, now-fired blogger — gets kicked out of her live-in boyfriend Tim’s (Dan Stevens) pad for her all-night drinking bouts, and er, a little bit of lying. Heading back to her parents’ unused home in New Jersey she chances upon her old classmate Oscar (Jason Sudeikis) […]

Film Review: Life

Two kinds of exploration have always intrigued and baffled humans: the mysteries of the deep (oceans) and the secrets of space. Director Daniel Espinosa has helmed this outer-space sci-fi horror thriller of six scientists and astronauts attempting to collect data from Mars. It’s a motley group consisting of hot-headed technician Roy Adams (Ryan Reynolds), the […]

Film Review: Logan

Largely based on the graphic novel ‘Old Man Logan’ by Mark Millar and ‘X-23: Innocence Lost’ by Craig Kyle, Logan is the tenth and final instalment of the X-Men series, which premiered in 2000.  It is also the last of the three Wolverine films which debuted in 2009. Set in 2029, barely a dozen years […]

Film Review: The Space Between Us

A well-intentioned plot, some none-too-brilliant casting and more than a few gauche movements are what make up The Space Between Us, a film set in the near future. Innovative entrepreneur Nathaniel Shepherd (British veteran Gary Oldman) brings to fruition his long-cherished dream of setting up a human colony in neighbouring planet Mars. The only hiccup […]

Film Review: Passengers

Apparently set in the distant future, the starship Avalon is on a 120-year journey to ‘Homestead 2’ – a distant colony planet of Earth. During the voyage, due to a systems failure, passenger Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) wakes up from his hibernation within 30 years, 90 years too early. The 5000 passengers and 258 crew […]

Film Review: ARRIVAL

Whether the title refers to the appearance of the alien spaceship or the advent of a newfangled but groundbreaking film of the sci-fi genre, only time can tell (with around three months to go for the awards’ season). Spaceships turning up on Earth accompanied by blaring sound effects, appalling alien characters emerging from them, the […]