Meherbai And The Single Burning Question

It was Sheroo’s birthday. She was Meherbai’s neighbour and the birthday-girl personally did all the chowk-chadan-toran-sagan herself before carrying a silver tray containing sev-dahi-banana and a boiled egg covered with a delicate embroidered muslin. Sheroo desperately wanted to get married and ever since she was 20, her parents, friends and match-makers (kaj-walis who were themselves spinsters) showed […]

Film Review: Colossal

An inveterate alcoholic, Gloria (Anne Hathaway) — the once professional, now-fired blogger — gets kicked out of her live-in boyfriend Tim’s (Dan Stevens) pad for her all-night drinking bouts, and er, a little bit of lying. Heading back to her parents’ unused home in New Jersey she chances upon her old classmate Oscar (Jason Sudeikis) […]