Housing Issues & BPP

Dear Editor,

Every week we read about different Matrimonial Meets Organized by the BPP and other persons. Even during the HPY program, children are advised to choose life partners, and youngsters are told to marry early and have more children. But has anyone given a thought to Housing? Most do not have a house of their own. The BPP says first marry and then a house will be allotted within 6 to 12 months. But, what’s the BPP plan to create more housing?

Many flats are kept locked for years with occupants settled abroad, using these locked up houses as Holiday Homes. What is the BPP doing about it? The need is to identify locked up flats and start a process to recover these, find out those who having multiple flats. So many Parsis have 2 to 3 flats, which are either locked up or given to relatives or are converted into offices!

No wonder Parsi women prefer to marry outside as outsiders are able to provide a better life. Wake up BPP before it is too late to stem the rot. Before embarking on any ambitious scheme, the BPP must provide for a back-up.


Keki Billimoria

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