Jasvi’s Numero-Tarot Predictions

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January (1 to 31)
A magical week ahead with the best of health, wealth and prosperity. You come out of the confusion. Be confident. Best time to conceive for ladies.
Lucky Colour – Yellow, Lucky Crystal – Yellow Sapphire


February (1 to 29)
Swift travel is indicated. Don’t be greedy. Advised to bathe with rock salt. Health and happiness is on the cards.
Lucky Colour – Green, Lucky Crystal – Emerald


March (1 to 31)
Hard work always pays off.Time to work hard and stop cribbing for what you don’t have. Enjoy all that you are blessed with.Finances will be stable.
Lucky Colour – Cream, Lucky Crystal – Pearl


April (1 to 30)
Best time to start new partnerships. Be careful with investments. Problem of liquidity indicated. Indulge in charity this week. Follow your mind.
Lucky Colour – White, Lucky Crystal – Crystal


May (1 to 31)
Healing has started. There could be an automatic balance in a difficult situation. Break the feeling of being.
Lucky Colour – Light Green,  Lucky Crystal – Jade


June (1 to 30)
Life is a merry go round. Nothing but the change is permanent. Travel is indicated. Health would be alright.
Lucky Colour – Maroon, Lucky Crystal – Ruby


July (1 to 31)
Seek expert advice on a matter you feel stuck in. You might need to juggle and balance your finances. Be confident. Don’t ignore backaches.
Lucky Colour – Grey, Lucky Crystal – Pyrite


August (1 to 31)
Follow your intuition. You are confident enough to move on.Beware of small thefts. Health will be fine.
Lucky Colour – Indigo, Lucky Crystal – Blue Sapphire


September (1 to 30)
This is a temporary karmic phase – as you sow, so shall you reap. Sometimes you need to fight for your rights. Try to have a sound sleep.
Lucky Colour – Black, Lucky Crystal – Onyx


October (1 to 31)
Take the world in your stride. Travel abroad for studies indicated.  Don’t get frustrated emotionally.
Lucky Colour – Brown, Lucky Crystal – Garnet


November (1 to 30)
Justice is on the cards – a week of happiness and victory. Specially blessed by your mother in this week. Good time for finances.
Lucky Colour – Red, Lucky Crystal – Moonga


December (1 to 31)
New beginnings indicated. Listen to someone’s advice while you are busy moving on. Finances will be good. Follow your heart.
Lucky Colour – Lemon, Lucky Crystal – Evil eye


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