Thou Art All In All To Me, Ahura Mazda

Parsi Times is pleased to share with our readers a new column of religious and inspirational excerpts from the acclaimed book, ‘Homage Unto Ahura Mazda’ by Dasturji Dr. Maneckji Naserwanji Dhalla.

Thou art the foundation of my life. Thou art the lord of my body and mind and soul. I commend myself into thy hands. I give my all in thy keeping. I will consecrate my mind to thee, I will pour out my heart to thee, I will surrender my soul to thee. Thou art my creator and nourisher, my guardian and protector, my guide and friend. With thee for me, I am wise and virtuous, strong and courageous, rich and safe, happy and hopeful.Unto thee be praise and glorification now and forever, Ahura Mazda.
I long to live in thy presence and walk in thy presence, with not a shadow between. I seek fellowship with thee and friendship with thee. I love thee with passionate devotion, my loving Father.

Dasturji Dr. Manekji Naserwanji Dhalla.
Dasturji Dr. Manekji Naserwanji Dhalla.

Thou dost live in the highest heaven, they say. However high my soul scales the heights of heaven in thy, search, a further height it finds that seems beyond its reach. Like a lark thirsting for the drops of rain and a fish dying for water, I am a thirst for the refreshing waters of thy Iove; Assuage my thirst. O Fountain of the life-giving waters of life.

Down in my heart, I will raise thee a sanctuary. There will I seek thee and find thee and greet thee in solemn silence. There will I lift my heart unto thee. There will my soul commune with thee. Grant that I may meet thee alone for the enrichment of my spiritual life.

The world grows radiant in thy presence. Thy peace descend upon my soul, my eyes are alight with it, and my face is bathed in it, when, in moments of rapturous ecstasy, I am lifted out of myself towards thee. My heart pulsates with unspeakable joy, when thou dost take me for thy friend and dost pour down thy joy into my soul and life into my life.

My life of the spirit is impoverished, when I neglect communing with thee. A tense silence holds between me and thee when I cease to meet thee and confer with thee. My spiritual vision is blurred, I cannot feel thy presence, I cannot see thy radiant face. I will do I requite thy gratitude, when I desert thee and go over to Angra Mainyu, the Evil Spirit, and live for him. My footsteps slide on the path of wrong. Like a land bird that finds no solid object to alight upon, when it’ is out to sea, I am lost when I leave thee and find no place ofsafety for my misguided soul. Every door is slammed in my face. There is no hope unless, thou in thy infinite mercy, dost forgive my folly and guide back my faltering footsteps to thee. Quicken and strengthen my faith in thee.

Let me faithfully and steadfastly range myself on thy side. Let me be steady in the performance of the task that thou dost assign me to do. Let me not swerve a hair’s breadth from the path of my duty. Let me wear out my soul in thy service, even as the candle burns itself before it gives light.

My life is wrapped up in thee and in thy protecting love. Hold me by my hands and guide me andI will follow thee wherever thou dost lead me. I will serve thee to the end of my life, till thou dost call me back from my earthly sojourn to my final rest and repose in thee. May I always find favour in thy eyes. May thy thought pervade my mind and heart. Thou art the goal of my thoughts and desires. My longing is for thee. May my heart rest in thee. I will bring to thee songs of praise and invocation. I will pray unto thee and adore thee and praise thee and involve thee and worship thee with all my mind and all my heart and all my soul. O thou that art my all in all, Ahura Mazda.

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