Zoroastrianism Represented At 2018 Parliament of World’s Religions

Over 8000 people gathered in Toronto (Canada) to be part of the ‘Parliament of World’s Religions’, which extended from the 1st to 7th November, 2018, marking its 7th chapter. The Zoroastrian flag was flown by under the aegis of the Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America (FEZANA). Zoroastrians participated as speakers at the Opening […]

Gift A Pictorial ‘Present’ Of Our Rich ‘Past’ On Navroz!

A compilation of over a hundred pictures depicting our rich Zoroastrian culture and heritage, ‘Like Sugar In Milk’ is a photographic compendium authored by Italian photojournalist, Majlend Bramo. Commencing this project back in 2014, 30-year-old Majlend states, “While working for the Florence based newspaper, ‘Corriere Della Sera’, I came across an Italian book by Terzani […]

Behram Yazad – The Destroyer Of Malice And Bestower Of Brilliant Happiness

PT: What does ‘Behram’ mean? Er. P. Karanjia: ‘Behram’ means permanent illumination, which He creates in this universe by dispelling all our difficulties, whether they are related to health, disputes, financial problems, litigation, domestic unrest, employment, debt and any spiritual adversities faced by a Zoroastrian devotee. For this reason we refer to Him as ‘Mushkel […]

Angel Sarosh Yazad – Part I

PT: What is the literal meaning of ‘Sarosh Yazad’? What does the name signify? Er. Karanjia: The name ‘Sarosh’ literally means obedience, taken from the Avesta root word ‘sru’, meaning ‘to hear, to obey.’ Ahura Mazda entrusted Sarosh Yazad with the responsibility of protecting the material world and human beings, hence he presides over our […]