Welcoming Our Fravashis

Dear Readers,

As always, there is so much to look forward to in this most auspicious month of August. We get our homes all tidied up to welcome the sacred 10-day Muktad period, starting on the 6th of this month. During this period, it is believed, that the holy fravashis (or divine essence) of those who have passed away, visit us from their spiritual abode to bless those who remember and pray for them.

And thus, we give our homes a bit of a face-lift, because, as the adage goes, ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’! But then, isn’t it equally important to also extend the same to our hearts and minds, alongside our homes?  Cleanliness is integral not just to our religion, but to the Zoroastrian way of life… our sacrosanct principles of ‘Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds’ teach us and empower us with just that. Those harbouring negativity in their hearts and thoughts – be it anger, hate, arrogance, jealousy, deceit, guilt, fear or the like – end up violating the very basics of Zoroastrianism.

We are truly blessed, as Zoroastrians, with a glorious religion that encourages us to seek the right path to happiness. An unclean mind and a tainted heart deters us from both – happiness and righteousness. Let us sit with clean hearts and minds as we pray for our dearly departed, as this will foster our connect with them and with the divine. This New Year, let our hearts and minds shine even more brightly than our homes!

Have a lovely weekend!


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