FAQs: ‘Makeover Magician’ Arshis Javeri

Arshish copyPT: How do I pick the right colored lipstick to suit my skin tone? Is it necessary to use a lip liner?
Arshis: A lipstick shade is a personal choice. It’s important to keep in mind the shade that you use is suitable to your image, occasion and more importantly your age. If you are a 60 year old teacher in a boy’s school and wear a bright red lipstick, there’s are a lot things that might go wrong in that situation! Choose a fun, pop shade for happy occasions. Go mellow with a lightly tinted shade for professional appearances. Younger girls can use a light gloss. The older ladies look best with deeper, darker or neutral shades. A lip liner is great to give your lips a defined shape. Also, I always fill in the entire lip with a ‘lip pencil bighorn applicator’ of the lipstick, as it lasts longer and also provides an even finish.

PT: Which makeup brushes would you recommend as a must in a girl’s makeup kit?
Arshis: For individual self-use the best tools are your fingers. Simply make sure your hands are clean and disinfected when applying makeup. But having said that, the five makeup brushes I think every Bawi should have in her kit would be: the foundation – blending / stippling brush; lip brush; angular eye applicator; eye shadow blending brush; and a fine eyeliner brush.

brush copyPT: How can we keep eye makeup intact during monsoons?
Arshis: Using an Eye Primer creates a fine, clean canvas like space on your eyelid. The Primer not only controls the oiliness and lumping of the eye shadow but also holds on to the eye makeup for long hours. Using waterproof makeup is always recommended in the rains. If you have a condition where your kajal tends to bleed from the corners of the eyes, simply brush some setting powder around the eyes for a cleaner and longer lasting makeup. Many artists use makeup setting sprays for a long lasting look. But make sure you choose a good brand and also spray it from a safe distance from your eyes.

PT: What are the trending colours for eye shadows, lipsticks and nail paints?
Arshis: Blue is becoming very popular these days. From bright electric blue liners, to deep smoldering dark blues to create smoky eyes, makeup artists around the world are choosing this cool shade. Blue is also used in its various hues on nails. It’s fun and pop and has a vibrant element to it. If you aren’t as bold to wear it in your hands, you can try a blue on your toe nails.

PT: What are the important aspects to keep in mind while applying or buying makeup?
Arshis: Hygiene is a very important aspect when it comes to makeup. Also, makeup has an expiry date, so make sure you are not using the makeup your mom bought back in 1995. Wash your brushes on a weekly basis. Moisturize your face before wearing makeup as it hydrates it well. Using a ‘Spf’ moisturizer is recommended if you are planning to step out in the sun. Always keep in mind, that a certain product which might suit your friend but may not look that good on you. Try and test a colour or shade at a kiosk and then buy the product. Avoid buying cosmetics on sale as their shelf life is already close to expiry when on offers with big discounts.

lip stick copyPT: Is it important to remove makeup at nights, before going to bed?
Arshis: The answer is a big ‘Yes’. Makeup is like a layer of skin on your skin and thus, it tends to close your pores. It’s very easy to have a reaction when your skin doesn’t get oxygenated and breaths.  Use a cleanser, followed by a toner and a moisturizer (the basic CTM), for a healthy glowing complexion.

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