What’s Your Birthstone?

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Astrologer, Reiki Master, Crystal Reader and Numero-Tarot Guru, Jasvi tells you your birthstone based on your month of birth, and explores it qualities and strengths.

Birthstone – GARNET: ‘Success Stone’: It rekindles passion, renews love and helps one to express emotions more easily. It also prevents fears of insecurity, helps success in business, is energizing, and helps imbibe leadership abilities.

Birthstone – AMETHYST: ‘Spiritual Stone’: Enhances intuition, inspiration, psychic abilities, clarity and insight, excellent for meditation, eases mental stress, promotes good dreams, spiritual growth and helps people recover through mental awareness.

Birthstone – BLOODSTONE: ‘Healing Stone’: An amulet to guard against disease. Therapeutic, helps to smoothen your way forward, strengthens heart, energy and vitality, prosperity, victory, longevity, power. It helps one to release emotional stress.

Birthstone – DIAMOND: ‘White light Stone’: Amplifies positive energy, faithfulness, attracts abundance, and strengthens unconditional love for one another. It denotes luxury, brings you success and power.

Birthstone – EMERALD: ‘Security in Love Stone’: It spreads prosperity and abundance, attracts love, strengthens memory, increases spiritual insight, wisdom, emotional balance and patience. Clears confusion.

Birthstone – PEARL: ‘Clarity Stone’: Clears confusion. It brings fame and success to the wearer. It makes one’s heart strong and royal. It improves concentration and intelligence. Enhances creativity and imagination.

Birthstone – RUBY: ‘Spiritual Devotion Stone’: It reduces negative thought patterns with greater love for self and spirit, said to help nightmares, stimulates motivation and passion in life, success in business, prosperity and protection. Moonstone can also be a birthstone for those born in July.

Birthstone – PERIDOT/OLIVINE: ‘New Opportunity Stone’: Attracts abundance and prosperity, enhances personal growth, protective when set in gold, heals body and mind, attracts love, soothes nervousness for more peaceful sleep, helps visualization.

Birthstone – SAPPHIRE: ‘The Philosophers Stone’: Gem of destiny, for tranquil meditation, spiritual wisdom and prophecy, enhances psychic abilities, as a guardian of love it helps relationships through understanding, attracts prosperity and protection.

Birthstone – OPAL: ‘Inner Beauty Stone’: Intuition and insight brings out your inner light, diffuses and scatters energy and light, allows one to look into many things, Fire opals for success in business and prosperity; Black opals for personal power and good luck.

Birthstone – TOPAZ: ‘Abundance Stone’: Known as ‘lover of gold’, it attracts prosperity and love, protective influence, positive warm energy, sheds light on your path, recharges energy levels for more motivation and comfort.

Birthstone – TURQUOISE ‘Understanding Stone’: Through better communication, problems can be solved more creatively. It is said to protect from falling, helps speed healing process through relaxation. It promotes abundance, inner beauty, helps attract new friends and reduces stress and tension.

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