Holistic Healing With Kashmira Shaw Raj

‘PT Push’ is dedicated to encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship within our community and providing our dynamic members with the proverbial ‘Push’ and the much-needed visibility to further enhance their business. Karan Mehta chats up with clinical psychologist as well as Tai Chi and Tarot expert, Kashmira Shaw Raj about the potential and the advantages of healing through energy.

pt-pushPT: Tell us a little about yourself.
Kashmira: I’m a clinical psychologist from Bombay University and have worked for over twelve years in Maharashtra State’s Health Sector (HIV/AIDS). Metaphysical thought, divination, working with energy, psychometry and tarot have always fascinated me since over fifteen years, followed by crystal ball gazing and ganjifa card reading. I imbibed different healing modalities such as Silva Mind Control, Reiki and Qigong and have since devised my own healing workshops through the medium of music, energy sensing, etc. My husband and I have been practicing ‘Taichi’ for twelve years and are instructors at Sifu Carlton Hill’s ‘Tao Taichi Qi Gong’ organization. We are also ‘Shibashi’ instructors under Sifu Wing Cheung from the Feng Shui and Taichi Institute, Hongkong and Canada.

PT: How would you describe your services to our readers?
Kashmira: Tarot Reading is a form of divination. The tarot cards connect to the questioner and the reader interprets them. I welcome phone readings and conduct them at a mutually convenient time and date. The ‘Tai-Qi Touch’ is our Taichi Class. This internal Chinese martial art, aptly called ‘meditation in movement’, helps one achieve calmness and serenity and is practiced slowly to cure numerous illnesses leading to a healthier body and mind. This coupled with benefits on the physical plane, brings about a fantastic synergy between the body and the mind.

PT: How does this help an individual?
Kashmira: ‘Tarot Card Reading’ provides guidance and gives a sense of direction to the seeker. It describes things the way they are, based on current events, complexly devoid of judgement, bias and emotions. It is objective and makes you look at significant situations in your life that you may have missed. ‘Taichi’ improves posture, balance and flexibility. It increases concentration and enhances focus, strength, endurance and your overall immunity. Virtually, any health issue can be addressed. It also slows down the aging process.

PT: What motivated you to pursue this line?
Kashmira: Health – physical, emotional and mental – has always been my area of interest. Taichi improves you at all these levels. Divination techniques (readings) enhance my intuition and receptiveness to energy. The healing modalities that I practice, help hone my healing capabilities. I know that I can and have passed on life changing techniques to others and helped them.

PT: What does the future look like?
Kashmira: Beautiful! I see people returning to a ‘holistic’, more natural life. Alternate therapies help people connect to their roots. If people become healthier and happier by identifying their inner self, then I will have reason enough to smile. I strongly advocate readers to listen to their body, connect with it and take care of it, and I’m sure it will not disappoint you.

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