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Calling For Help

Dear Editor,

Our PM has taken a revolutionary step by abruptly demonetising the currency. This will definitely help revive the economy and curb funding of terror activity. But I’m concerned about one small thing – today, medical expenses are the biggest burden particularly for senior citizens suffering from chronic diseases. I’m sure most Parsi households must have set aside at least 5 to 10 lakh of Rupees for emergency medical needs as today the hospital bills run in lakhs of rupees. These are the family’s hard earned money and hence by this letter I request Mr. Ranina and Akabars to take up the matter with PM and FM to allow at least deposit of 10 lakh rupees per senior citizen and 5 lakh per persons above 35 years to be deposited without any tax deduction.

In this connection I would like to mention here that on 22nd May, 2015 my sister-in-law Mrs. Dhun D. Mohta expired in hospital, even though she was admitted under cashless scheme, the hospital refused to hand over the body without payment of bill in cash to the tune of Rs. 8 lakh. Under the circumstances, the community Akabars should take up the case. Another friend of mine is awaiting liver transplant and has kept a huge sum in cash, ready for the rainy day.

I hope the authority listens.

Rustomji F. Daruwala.

A Parsi Kitchen?

Dear Editor,

I came across a news item in TOI (dt 17th Nov, Pg. 2), regarding Bohra Kitchen. It is a community kitchen which supplies meals to all their households daily. It is run with voluntary donations from their community members.

This news has given me a thought, as to why can’t our own community, known for generosity, start something similar – not for all households, but surely, for old, infirm and underprivileged households. The BPP can start the initiative, with funds invited from our various Trusts, Industrial Houses, Individual Donors etc. Imagine the tremendous relief and help that may befall on the less fortunate members of our noble community, of which there are numerous today.

I hope all like-minded seniors of our community will give this proposal a serious thought. As the article states, no family should go hungry to bed!

Rohinton R. Surti

Plea For Peace!

Dear Editor,

On behalf of our peace loving community, with folded hands l humbly appeal to all concerned, especially the trustees to stop this tussle which is affecting the working of the BPP, and tarnishing the image of the community. At least for the prestige of the community, we have to show some restrain and adapt the path of reconciliation that was followed by our ancestors who brought glory for the community.

The past and present trustees, who are at loggerheads today, earlier worked together as colleagues. During his tenure as BPP Chairman Dinshaw Mehta (DM) was supported by his co-trustees and most controversial decisions were passed unanimously. In the matter of housing allotments, other trustees were hardly involved and that gave a free hand to DM. When then Trustee Dadrawala did not toe the line, he was singled out and met with such hostility that in sheer disgust he had to put in his papers.

The first election fought and won on the basis of orthodoxy proved to be a disaster for the community. The last election was meant to bring transparency and good governance. It seemed that the elected trustees had decided to work harmoniously and gotten things moving in the right direction. Unfortunately, the situation changed and the war of words went beyond the limit to physical violence!

The alleged fund misappropriation by DM could have been avoided if the other trustees had remained vigilant at that time. It will be most honourable that we settle the community matters within the community. DM has no doubt betrayed the trust of the community, but by impeaching him, we bring disgrace to the honourable institution and tarnish the community’s image. It is better that the stalwarts and legal experts of the community sit together to settle this issue.

DM should be made to pay for the alleged financial misappropriations and refrain from interfering further in community matters. Legal proceedings take a lot of time and make a huge dent in the funds of both parties. It’s important that our small community remain united, live in peace, and prosper in number and values. Let us restore the Trust in our honourable trustees and be united to bring back the honour and dignity to our community.

Unfortunately the honourable trustee Zarir Bhathena, who worked diligently and cleared BPP’s financial mess is having health problems – we wish him a speedy and complete recovery and hope and pray for his early return to serve the community. Let the trustees put their differences aside and work in harmony for the common good of the community. That was a promise you made, and that is what the community expects from you.

Piroja Jokhi


Bro. Rohinton noted your comments regarding an article you read about community kitchen run by Bohra community for the benefit of their community seniors and you suggest why not we do the same.. Perhaps you may not be aware, we have several volunteer organizations doing the same type of voluntary services in raching out Seniors and needy community members not only in Bombay but also in cities and villages of Gujarat. One organization, I know of. ” YOUNG RATHESTARS” is doing this service ever since 1950’s. Their representative in U.S.A. is Rohinton Madon . He being the Director of a Bank, gives us the best rate for the benefit of community. We are very happy with his services. Another in U.S.A. is “Late Eruch D. Munishi Sriji Iranshah
fund ” run by his friends to keep his name alive. They are also doing the same service in the name of Pak Iranshah, Also don’t forget our most benevolent, Dinshaw and Bachi Tamboli. They are now settled in Navsari. They not only distribute food packets but also encourage youngsters to open up poultry farms and other businesses. There are many such organizations in India who render their selfless services without trumpeting their achievement.. God Bless my Parsi community and the unsung Hero Volunteers for their self less services. Amen.


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