PT Push Presents Monaz Cooper

The strong lure of entrepreneurship saw Monaz Cooper end her eighteen year stint in the corporate world as an employee, to take on and head her family business – the salon brand, ‘Kamal’s’. Parsi Times celebrates and encourages the spirit of entrepreneurship, and shares Monaz’s story and brand with you, in keeping with our promise to promote the enterprising lot who take the leap of confidence into being self-employed.

PT: What motivated you to become an entrepreneur?
Monaz: Being a family business the exposure was natural and enduring. On my days off, I would visit all the salon branches which helped enhance familiarity and understanding of the business. Being a service industry and very similar to the previous format that I was heading, it wasn’t so tricky to begin handling the strings and understanding the business. After all those years in the corporate sector I finally decided to shadow my experience towards the family business and setup.
PT: Tell us about Kamal’s Salon. What sets it apart from the rest?
Monaz: Kamal’s Salon has a 5-decade long presence in the industry. We are one of the few family salon brands that provide a rich experience and have earned a strong loyalty base. Our brand has always been known for its haircuts and specialist pedicurists. To add to it, the last few years have garnered us a lot of clients for customized tints and hair colour, as well as the renewed high-end spa services catering exclusively to women. I have enhanced my own technical knowledge in ‘hair’ and in the last few years into ‘Makeup’. This knowledge is continuously being shared with the staff who are the daily practitioners. Our range features the traditional oil spa as well as unique creams as well as Hot and Cold stone Therapy. These are our USPs in our flagship outlet which is at Altamount Road. Kamal’s is known to be the most child friendly salon. We would like to invite all the readers to experience the hairdressing talent in our salon.
PT: What does the future look like?
Monaz: The future of this industry is definitely vast. There is a place for all in the pie but eventually specialization of services, tighter spaces, budgeted services, need for highly skilled talent is going to be the way to go. Moreover retention of skilled staff is one biggest challenge that the industry has also been facing.

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