Community Uproar: Burial Site In Navsari’s Doongerwadi?

Over the last week, our community has witnessed a huge uproar with social media platforms – Facebook and Whatsapp – going abuzz non-stop regarding the news about Navsari’s Anjuman allegedly planning to hold a meeting on Sunday, 8th January, 2017, to consider the controversial proposal permitting the building of a ‘burial site’ or Aramgah within the premises of the Navsari Doongerwadi.

Numerous members of our religious clergy including four High Priests of our community – Vada Dasturjis: Dr. Jamasp Asa, Dr. Firoze Kotwal, Khurshed Dastoor and Cyrus Noshirwan Dastur – have strongly condemned this proposal and have written to the Navsari Anjuman to not go ahead with such a plan as it goes against our religion. Parsi Times will keep our readers updated on all developments on this front.

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