Scylla Vatcha’s Portrait Unveiled At Navsari’s Senior Citizens Centre

WZO Trust Funds unveiled a portrait of Late Scylla Vatcha at their Bai Maneckbai P B Jeejeebhoy Senior Citizens Centre, at Navsari, on 20th October, 2023, in the presence of residents, trustees, administration and staff. The Centre considered Scylla Vatcha as their Patron Saint. She was also philanthropist and benefactor to thousands of Zoroastrians, an […]

Daman’s Newly Renovated Merwanji Navroji Manekji Dar-e-Meher Holds Khushali-nu-Jashan

The Shree Daman Vapi Parsi Jarthosty Anjuman organised a ‘Khushali nu Jashan’, at the recently refurbished Merwanji Navroji Manekji Dar-e-Meher, in Daman, on 15th July, 2023 (Roj Shehrevar, Mah Asfandarmad; 1392 YD). The extensive restoration of the Dar-e-Meher was facilitated by the munificence and generosity of donors – Dadachanji Group of Companies, represented by Kairus […]

The Antiquity Of Goti Adarian

Second Only To Iranshah And Navsari’s Vadi Dar-e-Mihr   Courtesy: Er. Adil J. Govadia   Indeed, the history of Surat’s Goti Adarian remains a mystery. There is no record available as to its exact date of consecration or names of priests who consecrated the Adarian Saheb. Very limited details are available regarding its antiquity which […]

Navsari’s Sorabji Barjorji Garda College Enters 78th Year

Sorabji Barjorjo Garda College, based in Navsari and one of the oldest educational institutions of the South Gujarat region, was established in 1945, when Parsi philanthropist – Sorabji Burjorji Garda, donated a generous sum of Rs. 2,00,000/- with the objective of imparting education to all students, without any distinction of caste or creed or nationality, […]

Navsari Youth Keep ‘Ghee Khichdi’ Tradition Alive!

“Ghee khichdi no paiso, Doriyaa no rupiyo, Varsaadji toha ayega, Dumrisher layega, Dumritaari oat maa, Kharapaani pet maa, Otti ke chotti, Chal li choti, Relaavi motti, Ahuragocal, Paani mokal, Varsaadji nu paani, Toh mitthu ne mitthu!” Some decades ago, every Navsari Parsi Zoroastrian boy knew this 120-year-old Parsi poem, ‘Ghee Khichdi’, like a nursery rhyme. Many […]

બાઈ માણેકબાઈ પી.બી. જીજીભોય સિનિયર સિટીઝન સેન્ટર, નવસારીમાં ડબ્લ્યુઝેડઓ ટ્રસ્ટ ફંડ ખાતે સિલ્વર એનિવર્સરી સેલિબ્રેશન

આપણા સમુદાયના વડીલોની સેવા કરનાર બાઈ માણેકબાઈ પી.બી. જીજીભોય સિનિયર સિટીઝન સેન્ટરે 4થી જાન્યુઆરી, 2023ના રોજ તેનું 25મું વર્ષ ઉજવ્યું. સવારની શરૂઆત વડા દસ્તુરજી કેકી રવજીના નેતૃત્વમાં જશનથી થઈ હતી. મહેરજીરાણા અને દસ મોબેદોએ ત્યારબાદ એક હમબંદગી કરી હતી. વડા દસ્તુરજીએ દિનશા અને બચી તંબોલીના સમુદાયના સભ્યો પ્રત્યેની તેમની મહેનત, સમર્પણ અને પ્રતિબદ્ધતા માટે વખાણ […]

COVID Deaths In The Community

At least 178 community members have passed away since onset of the coronavirus pandemic (March 2020) in India. Parsiana compiled the death statistics from 11 major Indian locations where significant Parsi populations exist. 105 deaths have been registered in Bombay, obtained from Worli Prayer Hall, where a large number of Covid-19 victims are cremated, though […]