Navsari Heritage Walks Boost Cultural Legacy

A couple of months ago, the ‘Navsari Heritage Walks’ initiative was launched, conducted by INTACH and ParZor, along with local support by the Parsi Cultural Division of Garda Collage Trust, Navsari, with the aim of providing better understanding of Navsari’s rich cultural legacy to the people.

INTACH Navsari Co-convener – Ruzbeh Umrigar, who is also the Gujarat Projects Coordinator for ParZor Foundation, shared with Parsi Times, “The aim is to get our Navsari, also respected as our ‘dharam-ni-tekdi’, back on the tourism map. We are also collaborating with a number of other institutions in Navsari for this and we look forward to bringing the Heritage Walks to the people so as to better acquaint them and help them appreciate the priceless cultural legacy of Navsari. The earlier event saw the participation of a number of Navsari residents, as well as enthusiasts from Surat, Mumbai and Baroda.”

Information for those looking to participate in the next Heritage Walks:


Date: Sunday, 18th June, 2023:

Title: Parsi Food Heritage (Pre-booking & Pre-Payment Compulsory)

Time: 09:30am to 11:15am

Explore: Historic Memory Lane (JunaThana to Lunsikuie)


Date: Sunday, 25th June, 2023:

Title: Local History Which Touched the WORLD

Time: 08:30am to 10:00am

Explore: A Walking Talking Discourse On Charities And Refugee Camps (in erstwhile Navsari) from JunaThana to JJ Museum

Note: These Heritage Walks for Navsari are free as of now. The Food Heritage Walks are nominal, Pre-Paid events mostly featuring Navsari’s Parsi cuisines.


Permanent Link for Navsari Heritage Walks:

For details and queries: +91-9769580550

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