Sankalp Creates Drug Awareness

Sankalp, a group of parents who are doctors and teachers, conducted a ‘Drug Awareness Program’ for students of class IX at Rajhans Vidyalaya on 10th December, 2016. Spread over 3 sessions, the program aimed at providing correct information about substance abuse and its consequences to the young generation. Lead by Dr. Kavita Sagarkar, the first session delivered the concepts of perception, reality, consequences and decision making. The second session lead by Dr. Deepa Parab, Dr. Pooja Sablok and Mrs. Varuna Shah saw children learning certain life skills like self-awareness, empathy, creative thinking, interpersonal relation, communication and fears.

Next the children were explained the concept and types of drug abuse, how curiosity and experimentation leads to addiction, their adverse effects, withdrawal symptoms and ways to say no to drugs. In the third and the final session, children performed a skit related to addiction, followed by a talk by two rehabilitated drug individuals who shared their experience. Many situations regarding offers of drug were discussed with children.  The session concluded with children opening up about problems with their siblings and friends, thus proving this program to be a success.

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