Letters To The Editor

Re: Your Previous Editorial

Dear Anahita,

Inspired by your previous editorial, ‘Disagree, Don’t Disrespect’, I’m sharing my views on the matter. Healthy, balanced and well informed criticism is the essence of democracy. We must always keep an open mind and be ready to accept if we have erred, and if so, oblige to revise our judgement. We owe it to ourselves and to our opponents to try and understand their point of view and even if we are not convinced, to respect it, as fully as we expect them to respect ours.

Intolerance, discourtesy and harshness are taboo in any civilised society but they seem to have become a habit in the community. It saddens our hearts to see powerful community members engaged in spats, humiliating and insulting each other, in a manner and language not befitting the dignity of our respected community. The situation has become uglier with the usage of e-mails and messages passed on through social media public domains.

How wonderful life would be if there were no conflicts and just peace and harmony all around! We can achieve this by checking our sense of self-righteousness and obstinacy, seeing the interests of others over self-interest and being forgiving! Living in peace and harmony is beneficial for our physical and mental health. It reduces stress, increases joy and boosts peace in our lives. It costs us nothing. Conflicts, on the other hand, bring court litigations, consuming our precious time, energy and money, causing loss in health, wealth and happiness. Trying to control people and seeking to impose our will on others without even trying to understand their point of view, is the greatest obstacle in the path of peace and harmony. We stand to gain more by working together, and with each other than by working against each other. If we send positive, constructive and caring words, messages and actions for others, the same will no doubt be returned to us. We face many challenges in life which create conflicts, but these can be resolved with patience, tolerance and communication.



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