NumeroTarot (As Per Your Birth Month)

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January (Lucky Numero Tarot Card: Justice; Lucky Number: 11):

Justice is on the cards and legal matters would get sorted. Ladies born in January are requested to come out of confrontational situations – be specific and clear in thoughts. You are blessed by divine energy.

February (Lucky Numero Tarot Card: Sun; Lucky Number: 19):

A month blessed with good health, wealth and prosperity, especially for women born in February. Follow your intuition and believe yourself.

March (Lucky Numero Tarot Card: High Priestess; Lucky Number: 2):

A great time for students born in March. Follow the path of peace. Avoid unnecessary arguments. Hard work will help you reach your destination.

April (Lucky Numero Tarot Card: Strength; Lucky Number: 8):

Be confident – it is the key to your success. Believe in and love yourself. Clear your confusions. No one can negate or hurt you unless you allow them to.

May (Lucky Numero Tarot Card: Wheel Of Fortune; Lucky Number: 10):

Follow your intuition. This is a karmic phase, hence you will reap as you have sown. Bathing with rock salt is advised. You are blessed by divine feminine energies.

June (Lucky Numero Tarot Card: Star; Lucky Number: 17):

Finances will flow in. Be consistent in your efforts. Your spiritual healing has started and will be the required balm for heartburns faced in past.

July (Lucky Numero Tarot Card; Magician; Lucky Number: 1):

Enjoy the monsoons with love, happiness and satisfaction. Spend quality time with family. Renovation of property is indicated. This is also a good time to buy new property. Financial stability continues.

August (Lucky Numero Tarot Card: Hierophant; Lucky Number: 5):

Health will be good. Avoid sleepless nights and unnecessary stress. Come out of self-made illusions and be practical. Work towards implementing your ideas.

September (Lucky Numero Tarot Card: Empress; Lucky Number: 4):

Sudden travel is indicated. Take care of your health and seek expert advice, if required. A little charity will stabilise karmic debts. You will benefit from international collaborations.

October (Lucky Numero Tarot Card: World; Lucky Number: 21):

Celebration is on the cards. Time for a new financial beginning. Go with the flow, let go of the old and embrace the new.

November (Lucky Numero Tarot Card: Emperor; Lucky Number: 4):

Health looks good. Financial stability is indicated. This is a good time to start new ventures in partnership. Marriage is on the cards for those who looking for life partners.

December (Lucky Numero Tarot Card: Lovers; Lucky Number: 6):

Love is in the air, so spend romantic time with your loved ones. This is a good time for women born in December – stop cribbing for things you don’t have, and enjoy what you have.

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