Make Your Energy Work For You

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, quoted, “The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.”  To truly heal, regenerate and reinforce the power of positivity in our energies, is our ultimate responsibility. Kashmira Shaw Raj, acclaimed Healer, Reiki expert, Taichi master and Tarot consultant shares vital tips in making your energy aid in preparing and healing you towards greater success in five fundamental areas of life.


  • How To Relieve Yourself Of Physical Pain

Any pain tends to be debilitating for the body. Physical suffering can make people change their temperament for the worse. The following tips help alleviate physical pain:

  1. Close your eyes and breathe slowly and comfortably for a few minutes or about 36 long and easy breaths.
  2. Now focus your attention with closed eyes on the area of pain, and continue focussing for some time. As you do this, you will now slowly feel the extent of maximum pain in a particular area.
  3. Narrow down on your focus on this area and keeping your eyes shut, visualise that area surrounded by a golden yellow light.
  4. Now visualise this light entering inside the pain area and slowly expanding there.
  5. As it expands, now visualise the painful area getting smaller and smaller, till it is no longer there and has been completely covered in this golden light.
  6. Now slowly open your eyes, continuing to slowly breathing in the positivity you have produced. Also repeat to yourself this psychic affirmation: “I invite healing light into my body and now I am healed.”


  • How To Increase Your Finances And Prosperity

Not known to many, most financial failures stem from many internal reasons, which we try solve from the physical, external level. While some people fear success as they underestimate their ability to handle it, others are afraid of failing, and consequently we end up attracting the very things we fear the most. To invite financial success and prosperity, do the following:

  1. Firstly – think big, every time. Get your mind used to believing that you already possess a lot of money.
  2. Tell yourself repeatedly, mentally and vocally, “I am worth it and I deserve all the financial abundance I have.”
  3. Think of short term financial goals and think of plans that will lead to their materialisation.
  4. Before sleeping every night, visualise yourself achieving these goals and moving forward towards setting and achieving newer goals, and living in abundance while moving forward.

Things may not magically change, but a gradual upward growth will be noticed once you truly start believing in yourself and what you do.


  • How To Heal Your Heartache

We are all social animals and relationships are critically important to our wellbeing and happiness. But things can go wrong and lead to emotional suffering and bitterness, as the hardest bit is to let go. Here are a few steps that help the healing process:

  1. Visualise yourself in a lovely golden-pink bubble and surround yourself with lots of self-love. Then see the person in your mind’s eye and say what is required to him/her – it could be an apology or goodbye or a confession, as the case may be.
  2. If things don’t work in spite of trying hard, know that the universe has different plans for you. Most importantly, remain positive.
  3. Let there be no room for self-doubt. Be with those who accept you as you are.
  4. Reinforce a positive outlook and see the good around. You will heal automatically.

Remember, nothing can break or make you but your outlook. 


  • How To Make An Interview Work For You

It’s normal to feel nervous before going for an interview. However, make this a good experience with intent and some strong visualization.

  1. Sit comfortably at a place in solitude. Start slowly inhaling and exhaling. Maintain your focus on your breath for 5 inhalation and exhalation cycles.
  2. Visualise the job you have applied for and what it means to you. In your inner eye, try to see the positive changes the job would make in your life. Induce feeling happy from within.
  3. Visualise yourself sitting in the interview room and talking positively with the interviewers.
  4. See them congratulating you and telling you the job is yours.

Doing this regularly before going for the actual interview will strengthen intent and surround you with confidence to clinch the job!


  • Protecting Yourself From Negative People

We often feel low in energy when we meet some kind of people – some may be unwell or some people simply negative emotions which reflects in their energy. Such people’s energies are depleted and it is natural to reach out and absorb positive/healthy energy from around. The following steps help in protecting your energy from that of those around:

  1. Visualize yourself in a balloon filled with white light when you are to meet an unwell or negative person.
  2. Visualize that everything positive will pass through the balloon but any negative energy will bounce off.
  3. In order to further strengthen your aura, you can imagine wearing an invisible raincoat of white light.
  4. After coming home, have a bath. Put a handful of sea salt or fragrant salts in a bucket of water and have a bath with that water.
  5. Visualize any unwanted energy being washed away as you pour the water over yourself, as grey or blackish colour liquid to be purified and then feel clean and refreshed.

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