Farhad Tengra Clinches Silver in Snooker League

The Snooker league, 2017, hosted at Otters’ Club, Bandra under the aegis of the Billiard and Snooker Association of Maharashtra (BSAM), saw The Elphinstone Cricket Club’s ‘Elfies Hornets’ clinch second spot under the guidance of their captain, Farhad Tengra, who has been associated with the sport for over 15 years. Entering the tournament as underdogs, Elfies Hornets surprised everyone when they stormed into the finals, where they put up a great fight against home team, Otters Rockets, only to go down 2:3 frames and finish as runners up.

Speaking to Parsi Times, Farhad Tengra said, “I feel great to have come this far and I am still keen for more, as for us, long-living Parsis, this sport can be played long into our eighties and beyond, giving a sense of purpose, achievement, entertainment and lifelong friendships. It is perhaps the best sport for our minds and body, and the younger generation taking this up can gain a companion for life!”

Over the years, Farhad has won various accolades, the more notable ones include ranking third and fourth in Maharashtra, in Snooker and Billiards respectively, and reaching the last 32 at the World Championship in 2014. He is currently focused on becoming an International Gold level referee, for the professional ACBS and IBSF tournaments.

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