Film Review: Tumhari Sulu

There’s no doubt that Vidya Balan is one of our most accomplished performers, who can emote with her eyes alone. Sulochana (Vidya Balan) affectionately called Sulu by all at home—is a housewife with a basic education. Her domineering elder twin sisters miss no opportunity to berate her, while hubby Ashok Dubey (Manav Kaul) has a mundane job as a supervisor in a garment manufacturing factory. Sulu’s penchant for wining prizes in local competitions and sports leads her to a radio station to collect a prize- a ‘Prestige’ pressure cooker (one of the few brand endorsements in the film).

There, she’s enamoured enough by the RJ to beg the head of the station Maria (Neha Dhupia), amidst sneers, to offer her a similar job.TS is a delightful film interspersed with some charming moments of comedy, no doubt hugely assisted by Balan’s histrionics. Her naivety and seduction, both at work and home, is brought out beautifully by ad-turned-feature director Triveni, who’s also written the screenplay. The first half is breezy, but the second half falters midway and the climax too seems a bit rushed; that’s when the runtime of two-hours-plus is apparent. The premise is not entirely original. Nevertheless watch it for both Balan’s mirth and girth

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