Parsis Shine At VCCCI Car And Motorcycle Rally

The Vintage Car and Motorcycle rally organized by VCCCI in Pune on 1st April, 2018, witnessed three Parsis displaying their prized possessions and passion for these machines. The rally comprised various categories, judged by avid bike and car enthusiast and pioneer of automobile journalism in India, Adil Jal Darukhanawalla.

Jehangir Foroogh won the first place for his AJS H7 1927 racing model in the ‘Best Restored’ category for ‘Vintage Motorcycles’, followed by Jamshed Marolia grabbing the first place for his BSA B33 1954 in the ‘Best Maintained’ category for ‘Classic Motorcycles’ from over twenty participants. The highlight of the rally was 81-year-old, Minoo Fitter who rode all the way from Mumbai to Pune and back, to ensure his participation at the VCCCI rally, where he won the 3rd prize in the ‘Scooter’ category for his Vespa 1996 model and was felicitated for being the oldest participant at the event.

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