Jehan Bajan Ordained Navar

Er. Jehan Bajan, son of Er. Darayus and Havovi and grandson of Panthaky of Mevawalla Agiary, Er. Parvez and Bepsy Bajan (paternal), and Rati and Sam Kerawala (maternal), was initiated into Navari at Vatchagandhi Agiary on 13th May, 2018. The ceremony took place under the able guidance and supervision of Er. Asphandiar Dadachanji and assisted by Er. Darayus Bajan, in the august presence of Vada Dasturji Dr. Firoze Kotwal. Young Jehan was ably groomed and trained by Principal of the Dadar Athornan Institute, Dr. Er. Ramiyar Karanjia.

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