This Time, Let’s Make The Right Choice

The BPP elections are upon us and the community is hoping to elect a candidate who will do real justice to the august office of the BPP Board. I know I speak for a large majority of our community when I say that our absolute support goes to our community’s much loved daughter, Anahita Desai.
She has proven herself consistently over the years and stands out in the community as the ‘ideal’ on so many fronts – as a Community-Service Oriented Individual, as a Responsible Community Member, but more than all else, as a Solid Zoroastrian.
And even as a woman, she does us proud. She is as compassionate as she is professional and she is as approachable as she is straight-up. This is a person who calls a spade a spade – she does not mince her words, does not make overwhelming promises that can’t be delivered to the community – but MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL – her service to the community is not based on her potential position as a BPP Trustee, nor is it time-bound based on the proximity to the elections.
Although she was not able to garner the requisite number of votes in the previous elections, her loss did not change anything – she was serving the community all through – before, during and after the previous elections, immaterial of its outcome. Now that is something unique to her as compared to the rest of her current contemporary candidates, who had stood for elections earlier, but on losing they promptly resumed their own lives, doing their own things, and seem to have woken up again only now, because it’s time to campaign and they wish to win that much-coveted seat!
We made a mistake by not electing this gem of a candidate, Anahita Desai, whose actions, not words, have proven her dedication and commitment to our community. Her presence has been instrumental to numerous causes – be it related to children, administration, religion, senior citizens, helping the under-privileged, etc.
We lost out on her as a fabulous candidate in the earlier elections – she would have made the much-needed difference in the BPP Boardroom with her courage and righteousness, even as she continues to stand by the community through all its grievances. We have another opportunity next month to right that wrong. We need a dedicated individual with an unblemished and proven track record of community service and integrity like Anahita Desai at the helm of affairs, to steer our Community to its glory and well-being. Let’s not repeat our mistake yet again – this time, let’s make the right choice. This time, choose Anahita Desai.
By Veera Tarapore

Xerxes Dastoor Could Be A Good Addition To BPP Board

I believe that Anahita Desai is a good candidate, but in all honesty, I also think that Xerxes will make a good addition to the BPP Board. Whereas it does appear that he has against a formidable opponent in Desai, his positives include being a young and successful CA and hopefully his presence on the Board will further the effort and effectiveness of BPP to serve our Community.

I wish him all the best and hope he is able to make it as a Trustee this time.

Thrity J. Nagarwala (Jogeshwari)

BPP Elections – Anahita Desai,
The Wisest Choice

BPP Elections are round the corner and we have 5 candidates in the fray – 1 a serious contender and the other 4 “Also – Rans”. That fact notwithstanding, I wish to place on record the merits of getting Anahita elected as a Trustee.

I have had the opportunity of interacting with her, without knowing her personally nor being introduced or recommended by anyone and I have found her to be so helpful, polite and sympathetic, unlike the past Chairman. In fact, we very badly need another Lady Trustee who is not only polite, compassionate but more conscientious than the present lady and her team.

The current Board is doing excellent work under the Chairmanship of Yazdi Desai and if Anahita is elected, she will strengthen the performing team as opposed to the opposition gaining more strength if one of the other 4 gets elected. We seriously need to strengthen the current performing team and thus it is a no-brainer that Anahita should be elected with a thumping majority. Other than the fact that she is Yazdi Desai’s wife, there is nothing that goes against her as a serious candidate and I feel we should not let that come in the way of making a wise choice.

I strongly appeal to all to kindly vote in favour of Anahita and give her a fair chance to serve the community with all the sincerity, honesty and the devotion for which she is well known.

Vispi Dotiwalla (vispi.d@hotmail.com)


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