From The Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk

Dear Readers,

With Valentine’s Day soon approaching, it’s easy to feel a little alone if you do not have a ‘special someone’ to celebrate the occasion with. Living in a society that is largely obsessed with the concept of romance, being single is often misinterpreted for being lonely. As a community with an increasing singles’ count, let’s hope we’re smart enough to realise that that concept is a stereotype, and that Valentine’s Day is over-hyped, mainly by corporates who capitalize on such occasions by setting unreal standards of gifting expectations and milking the heart, and the wallet, dry.

So, yes, Valentine’s Day is a day where people indulge in buying roses and gifts to express romantic love to their partner. And thank God for the underlying ‘emotional essence’ of the day, which makes your girlfriend fake excitement over yet another stuffed teddy you gift her, when she’s been expecting those diamond earrings, she’d been (unsuccessfully) trying to bring to your attention since January! More seriously, while romantic love and celebrating companionship is important, let it not limit the scope of spreading love, on Valentine’s or other days, across the many different relationships we are blessed with.

This year, take the time to celebrate everyone you love – send hand-written (a premium dedication these days) cards to family members or friends that you love or miss, express how much you value them; spend time with friends you care about; take your parents and family for a movie and dinner… just celebrate the beauty of all your relationships. And, most importantly, celebrate the love you have for yourself. Take time to practice self-love (not indulgence) – address your emotional and physical health and strive to define (or redefine) your goals and growth. Valentine’s Day is about love, and love isn’t just about romance and intimacy. So, lavish your love across all important relationships with grace and gratitude, but most of all, love and accept yourself unconditionally.

And since love is more about giving than it is about receiving, Parsi Times is delighted to Media Partner with the sprightly bawa youth group, Xtremely Young Zoroastrians (XYZ), and promote their latest social-cum-community service initiative, the Vessel-A-Thon (Pg.9). Aimed at inculcating a sense of gratitude, instead of entitlement, towards the privileges most of us are blessed with. XYZ has come a long way over five years in getting together our young tots and instilling in them a sense of belonging, team work and great attitude that will set them as winners for life. Do participate in their noble drive.

Have a good weekend and a Happy Valentine’s Day!


– Anahita

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