Dr. Khursheed Wadia Wins Mackenzie Book Prize

Dr. Khursheed Wadia, an Associate Professor at the University of Warwick, UK, won the prestigious W J M Mackenzie Book Prize for her book, ‘Muslim Women and Power: Political and Civic Engagement in West European Societies’. The Mackenzie Prize is awarded annually to the best book published in political science. This book provides an account of Muslim women’s political and civic engagement in Britain and France. It examines their interaction with civil society and state institutions to provide an understanding of their development as political actors.

Dr. Wadia’s research interests and specialisms lie at the intersection of politics, gender and ethnicity in Europe with a focus on Britain and France. Her research covers inter-related areas of study: gender, ethnicity and politics (political participation and policy) in Britain and France; migration and ethnic relations in Britain and France. She has extended her work on political participation and policy to examine why and how young people engage with political and civic institutions and processes and how this engagement is shaped by the past and inter-generational relationships. This research was undertaken as part of a large-scale, comparative European study.

Having co-authored numerous other books on these genres, Dr. Khursheed has also been the Warwick (CRER) coordinator and Co-Investigator of various EU Commission-funded projects in Europe including those for Refugee Women; Minority Formation and Cultural Diversity; Traumatised Refugees; and Integration Indicators and Generational Change. She is currently PI on a project funded by the British Academy – ‘Forced Marriage Policy in France: A Study of Inclusivity and Gender Transformation (September 2017 – August 2019)’.

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