Heavenly Is The Happy Wedlock

Dasturji Dr. Manekji Naserwanji Dhalla.

On this auspicious day, in the presence of this august assemblage, the groom has plighted his marriage troth to the bride. The hands of N and M are joined and the marriage ceremony has solemnized their union. Put thy hands upon their heads, Ahura Mazda, and shower thy blessings on the matrimonial alliance which binds them by the sacred bond of mutual fidelity, that their nuptial union may be happy and lifelong.

The two have this day become one. Let them love each other faithfully, wholly and unceasingly. Let each to each dedicate one’s dear self with the deepest love. Let them jointly share the ups and downs of life and with one mind seek their relief. Let each one rely upon the other as upon one’s own self. Let each give his or her heart to gain the heart of the other. Let the husband be all the world to the wife and let the wife be all the world to the husband. Let their love for each other well up and flood their hearts. Let their hearts beat together as if in one body. Let each one reign in the other’s heart. Let the pulse of his heart beat in her heart and the pulse of her heart beat in his heart. Let there be complete harmony between their souls. Let their two harmonious souls melt into one. Let each seek each one’s completion in another. Let them move after one another like shadows. In life or death let each one’s place be by the side of the other. Long may they live and after the longest of the long life allotted to human kind, may they both go hand in hand to the highest heaven.

May husband and wife work in consort like the dual Yazatas of Ahura Mazda. May Asha’s righteousness reign supreme in their abode. May they be blessed with children with big brains and large hearts and virtuous souls. May their happy Zoroastrian home be a heaven upon earth!

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