‘From A Mobed’s Heart To Mobeds’ Hearts’: Featuring Ervad Zarrir Bhandara

An inspirational Religious Seminar – ‘From A Mobed’s Heart To Mobeds’ Hearts’ – featuring Ervad Zarrir Bhandara, is being organized today, by global leading holistic health guru and corporate life coach, Dr. Mickey Mehta, with the aim of helping transform the spirit of our revered Mobeds within the fabric of our Zarathushti community.

In this featured presentation, Er. Zarrir Bhandara – a much revered Zarthosti and a dedicated priest – will be unravelling the secrets and tapping on the science behind the epic philosophy of our religion. With BPP Trustee Viraf Mehta as Chief Guest, the event will be held at the Rippon Club today, starting at 11:00 am. The discourse will be followed by lunch.

All Mobeds are cordially invited to participate in this hands-on and interactive life changing event.

Shihan Mobed Zarrir Bhandara, a Vegetarian by choice, has saved more than 1200 lives by donating his own blood, plasma, and platelets over 400 times. He is a rare humanitarian priest who also happens to be a 5th-degree Karate Black Belt of an international repute. He has dedicated his life to human welfare and social issues by giving selfless service to the causes he truly believes in. He has quenched the religious thirst of thousands of Zoroastrians by voluntarily serving our Zarathushti community of North America and India for the past 47 years. He promotes the message of prophet Zarathushtra through his prayer services, religious classes, as well as, by saving lives of humans and animals among the Southern California community for the past 27-years.

The Seminar’s Vision comprises ‘Prayers with awareness of its manifestation’; and the Mission to get more Mobeds to gravitate toward prayers with the purpose of connecting Religiosity to Spirituality with Humanity.

Life Spiritualized… Get Mickeymized!!

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