Empowering Mobeds: Preserving The Priesthood

Within the precincts of the serene and beautiful landscape at Sanjan’s WZO Sanatorium, away from hustle and bustle of the city, the Empowering Mobeds (EM) team organised its second off-site training program on 15-16 February, 2020. A total of 28 participants, comprising a blend of senior Mobeds and young budding Mobeds from the Dadar Athornan Institute (DAI), were ably handheld by prayer teacher Er. Sarosh Behramkamdin and volunteer Niloofer Broacha. The presence of three father-son duos in the group was the icing on the cake! The event was organised under auspices of Dinshaw Tamboly, Chairman of Empowering Mobeds and Binaifer Sahukar, coordinator of Empowering Mobeds.

The main aim of this offsite was to infuse and promote Mobedi among young DAI students, the future religious torchbearers of our community and perhaps, the only future Yaozdathregar Mobeds, who can perform our highest religious ceremonies. To reiterate, no religion can survive without its clergy and hence it’s crucial to encourage upcoming priests to practice Mobedi – whether practiced full or part-time; it’s important to pass the baton to the future Fire-keepers.

The session began with a motivational message from Dinshaw Tamboly, who encouraged the group to keep an open mind and focus on their goals, stressing on the falling numbers in our community. Er. Meher Modi encapsulated the need of Sampurna Mobeds to tend to the fire in various Atashbehrams and Agiaries, due to the severe shortage of priest in several fire temples across the country, which led to passionate discussions. He also spoke on the Atash, Dokhmenashini and Mobeds as the three pillars of our religion.

Special Educator Kashmira Karkaria conducted an effective session on the power of gratitude and positive thinking. The gregarious Delphi Wadia, Head of Learning and Development, conducted an interactive JAM (Just A Minute) session, where each participant spoke for a minute on a random topic, which infused greater confidence in speech and expression. EM coordinator Binaifer Sahukar conducted a communication skills workshop, highlighting the significance of clear and concise communication.

Day-2 kicked off with a morning fitness session with Er. Farzad Driver. Er. Sherezad Pavri shared his insights on the Global Zoroastrian Youth Congress he attended over the past few years as a role model priest. He also shared how one can balance Mobedi and a career simultaneously. Er. Kaizad Karkaria stressed on Mobed etiquettes and how Mobeds are brand ambassadors of the community when donning the Paghri; and the Mobed’s duty to encourage the laity to regularly visit our places of worship.

Er. Hormuz Dadachanji enlightened the group with his profound knowledge on spirituality, elucidating not to mix one’s hobbies and passion with Mobedi. One can pursue their passion and dream and can still do Mobedi at the same time, unlike a corporate job. Er. Cyrus Darbari gave a riveting audio-visual presentation on the importance of the Jashan ceremony, it’s rituals and the power of prayers. The session was thrown open for Q&A, with DAI students having the maximum questions.

Mobeds are an indispensable thread of our religion and the community needs to ensure that this thread is sustained till eternity for the very survival of our religion. Kudos to visionary Founders and the Team of Empowering Mobeds, for their varied and untiring efforts in supporting our religious legacy.

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