Visit Ahmednagar’s Parsi Agiary

(Seth Jamshedji Pestonji Plantin Daremeher – Adarian)


Consecrated on Roj Adar, Mah Ava, 1216 AY, on 4th May, 1847, the beautiful Seth Jamshedji Pestonji Plantin Daremeher-Adarian, popularly known as Ahmednagar Agiary, is tucked away in the heart of Pune city. It seems to be long forgotten by most Zarthostis, as the current population in 2020 has dwindled down to 22 Parsis, from the once 2,200+ stronghold Parsi garrison.

Recent visitor, Khorshed Randeria, writes in to PT:

The devout 70-year-old Dasturji, Er. Freddy Randelia has been dedicated to this 173-year-old Adarian for the last twenty years, maintaining it very well with great effort and keeping it clean and fresh. The precinct accommodates a 2-Room Dharamshala; the Dasturji’s quarters on the first floor; a Community Hall which can accommodate about 150 people for Gambhars and other occasions; a large backyard; as well as two dogs adopted for security reasons.

The highlight is the 100+ year-old Lemon Tree, sprouting juicy lemons the size of oranges! “The dhansak is incomplete without these lemons!” states Er. Randelia. He was most surprised to have a visitor and could not believe that I came all the way from Bombay, driving five hours each way, only to visit the Agiary. With great grief he stated, “Sir, from far and wide and all over the country, there are thousands of Parsis who come to visit Meher Baba’s shrine each year, but no body extends just a 15-minute short trip to visit our Atash Padshah!”

I sincerely request all our Parsi visitors who come to visit the Baba’s Shrine, in the future, to also visit this beautiful Agiary, which is genuinely all of a mere 15-minute car drive away, and fulfill the wishes of our dear Panthaki Saheb. Rest assured, it will be a trip you will be happy to have made, as its serenity and its vibrant and positive energy will fill you with peace and make you want to visit here more often!

(Address: Ahmednagar Parsi Agiary, Davare Lane, Ahmednagar – 414 001. Distance from Mumbai – 270 kms)


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