I Will Go Thy Way, Ahura Mazda!

Dasturji Dr. Manekji Naserwanji Dhalla.

Angra Mainyu, the Evil Spirit’s one desire is that man should not recognize him and appraise him at his true value. He lurked about me to beguile me into the wrong path. I saw not his deception. My Fravashi, Guardian Spirit, warned me against the danger. But as in vain does the ploughman goad his ox to turn the furrow, and it is recalcitrant, so I hearkened not to the voice of my inner infallible guide. Weak in the moment of temptation, I followed the Evil Spirit. I deviated from the Path of Righteousness, which is thy Path. I missed thy company and was lost in the wilderness of wickedness. I knew not what to do. My spirit began to brood, for misfortune was lying ahead of me. Disquiet became my heart, until it would again find rest in thee. Unbearable now was my sorrow that I separated from thee.

Thou couldst do without me. Thou didst need me not. Yet Thou didst pity me. Thou wouldst not leave me lonely and lost. Thou didst take me by my hand and put me on the right path again.

I will now hush the beguiling voice of Angra Mainyu. I will silence the storm of passions. I will smother vicious thoughts. I will sweep the ground of my heart of all impurities, that then in the serene and pure atmosphere I can hear Thee speak to me. I will now never yield to the Arch-enemy of mankind. Valiantly will I fight him and vanquish him.

Now that I have found Thee again, never will I leave Thee. Ever will I be in Thy keeping. Thou dost always guide me aright and I shall walk in the light that Thou givest me. I will not draw near Thee with my lips, when my heart was far away from Thee. I will be what Thou wouldst have me to be.

I will not now go my way and let Thee go Thy way. Thy way and my way will be one and same. We two will be on common ground. Abreast we two will walk our way, Ahura Mazda!

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