In Memoriam

Prof Rumy Mistry was a Senior Member of Baroda University with an area of specialisation in Engineering (Textile)and Higher Education. One of the first supporters of Parzor, his work for his country and community remains remarkable. He was the Chairperson of the Election Committee Of the Baroda Parsi Punchayat. His work with the Federation of Parsi Zoroastrian Anjumans of India gave direction to this core group of community leaders. A force behind the creation of BUZY – the Baroda Youth League – he constantly encouraged young people in creating a new generation of leaders in Baroda and across the country.

Academician, thinking mind, and above all, a remarkable human being, he has helped us at Parzor from its inception. He co-authored the Parzor Oral Traditions Publication with Dr. Shernaz Cama and helped with the Presentation at the NCPA during the UNESCO Celebrations of the 3000th Anniversary of Zoroastrian Culture.

Parimal Parimal Gandhi, his student, mentee and Neighbour, wrote in his tribute to Prof Rumy Mistry, “God had endowed Rumy with a wealth of qualities, including long- standing loyalty to the University, great understanding, tolerance, a rare and wonderful generosity, a puckish sense of humor coupled with that inimitable and infectious grin. And the Maker had added on energy, a sharp intellect, enthusiasm, wisdom, fortitude and longevity…and thus He created the ideal husband, parent, grand-parent, relative, friend, neighbor, teacher, mentor and institution and nation builder… God ingrained in Him an abiding love of the good things – sports, music, movies, company and food and coupled these with the spirited desire never to enjoy them alone…. His philosophy as a teacher was crystal clear, ‘I am here to teach you to think!’… The warp and weft of his life were built of complete integrity and unswerving dedication to his profession. He lived his words, walking his talk and talking his walk. He carried his many riches with unassuming grace. He built nurturing relationships across innumerable generations of students and teachers, always available and ever a source of sustenance and sagacity. The go-to person for career counseling, his advice put thousands of children on the right track. He nurtured all those who came in contact with him. His gentle and noble soul shone through and endeared him to everyone without exception… The root of a great tree, this sapling grew across continents and sank strong roots in new lands. He nurtured his family to dizzying heights. Professor Veena Mistry, upon whom he doted, administered the University winning laurels. And Kaizad and Shahroukh and their families carry his legacy of excellence forward. Completely at his ease, whether in Baroda or California, he was a true global citizen.”

Rumy fought a brave battle till the end. He leaves behind his wife – Prof. Veena Mistry and two Sons, Kaizad and Shahroukh, and their families. We grieve with them and thank God for giving us the guidance and good humour of Rumy. May his soul find peace in Garothman Behest. 

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