Letters to the Editor

Prisoners Of The COVID War!

Days are passing by and we stand still here. With a prayer in our heart we see the world struggling, we see the world healing, we see the world sobbing. Never had anybody imagined that stepping out of our houses would be life threatening. We have become prisoners without doing any crime. Looking out of the window reminds us of the carefree days that we have lived but taken for granted. Those memories are soon interrupted by the sirens of the ambulances passing every minute. That sound is a wake-up call for all to not take anything for granted – be it our freedom, nature or anyone working for us. 

There are many who still work, day and night to keep us safe and protected. The stress and worry their families face, is beyond imagination. Respecting them is the least that anyone can do.  Panic, confusion, anxiety, depression are overtaking the human mind. This fire of panic is fuelled by the spread of fake news, rumours, and careless forwarding of messages that tamper with our feeble minds. Being mindful about all our actions is the need of the hour. Having to do all the household chores has made us realize that no job is big or small. Not meeting our friends and dear ones has made us realise how important these relations, which we so easily take for granted, are. Connecting with them via various social media platforms gives us a sense of happiness but their warm hugs are irreplaceable. 

The world is healing, our lives are changing, but the hope of being free again is still in every prisoners’ heart. Our senses are still tingling in anticipation of experiencing freedom yet again and being safe outdoors. As we stand here, united in spirit, to fight this war, we know that it is not going to be easy. However, it is this unity and humanity that will help us get through this rough patch. We have to bear the rain to see the rainbow. 

– By Parishad Randeria

Good Job, PT!

I would like to thank and commend Team Parsi Times for constantly serving the community with wonderful and comprehensive news for more than past 5-6 weeks inspite of the Lockdown, when most papers have reduced their pages by half! Though nothing compares to holding the newspaper in the hands for the real pleasure of reading, the digital E-paper which Parsi Times shares every Saturday is a total treat for us. 

Last week’s Mother’s Day Contest Winners brought tears to my eyes as I read the poem dedicated to a mother who has passed away, and it reminded me of my own sweet mother. Every page is a joy to read – the news content is global and our small community is able to know what is going on with the rest of us in other parts of the world. PT has truly become popular worldwide – USA, UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand – it reaches our community everywhere in the world!

What I appreciate most is that it is not preachy and always to the point. The features are very enjoyable – with excellent writers like Noshir Dadrawala, Daisy Navdar, Ruby and Dara Khodaiji. Even celebrities like Cyrus Broacha’s column makes us laugh away every month – do try to get him to write more often! Editor Anahita Subedar’s editorials are superb and always leave food for thought – one of the things I look forward to in PT is the Reader’s Corner page as it brings forward Parsi writing talent within our midst. 

Thank you from me and my family to PT for making our weekend mornings so enjoyable for all in the family. Keep up the great work! Here’s wishing that the virus curve flattens soon and we can all breathe freely again and I can get to hold the PT newspaper soon on my Saturday mornings. 

– Jaloo Jamshed Patel

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