Dadabhai Naoroji Biography By Dinyar Patel Released

Earlier in May 2020, the Dinyar Patel authored biography of Dadabhai Naoroji, titled, ‘Naoroji: Pioneer of Indian Nationalism’, was released (in India by Harper Collins and in the United States and UK by Harvard University Press).

Mahatma Gandhi called Dadabhai Naoroji the ‘father of the nation’, a title that today is reserved for Gandhi himself. Dinyar Patel examines the extraordinary life of this foundational figure in India’s modern political history, a devastating critic of British colonialism who served in Parliament as the first-ever Indian MP, forged ties with anti-imperialists around the world, and established self-rule or swaraj as India’s objective.

 Dadabhai Naoroji was much more than just a pioneering Indian nationalist, an innovative economic thinker, and the first Asian to be elected to the British Parliament. He was a strong proponent of women’s rights in India and Britain, a supporter of certain socialist ideas, and an anti-imperialist of global significance. He forged links with Irish home rulers, American Progressives, African-Americans and Afro-Caribbeans, and colonized people from around the world.

 Some resources on Naoroji’s life are available on the author’s website: – including photographs, information on his life and family, some of his correspondence, old newspaper articles, and maps of London and Bombay that show landmarks associated with his life. The book was recently received a great review in the Wall Street Journal. It is available on Amazon in both editions – print and kindle.

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