Delzin Choksey Returns With ‘The Adventures Of The Pillow Gang’!

Parsi Times is delighted to share that the very talented ace illustrator, Delzin Choksey, who we introduced to you in April 2017, as the artist behind the extremely popular image of Baby Zarathustra which went super viral – is back with her fabulous new illustrations in her latest children’s book – ‘The Adventures of the Pillow Gang: The Isle of the Towering Tree (Avery and the Pillow Gang Book 101)’.

Available on Amazon [ ], in Kindle and paperback format, the illustrations in the book have been hand-drawn and digitally inked by Delzin, based in California. Authored by Brian Melton and beautifully illustrated by Delzin, ‘The Adventures of the Pillow Gang’ is about little Avery who dreams big! So big that he needs a little help from a few friends to tackle his night-time adventures. Each night, as Avery closes his eyes, his pillows magically come to life and ‘The Pillow Gang’ – Comfy, Lumpy, and Mushy – guides Avery through his voyages. Whimsical and charming, ‘The Pillow Gang’ is a book that embraces the value of kindness and sharing, immaterial of each other’s differences.

Delzin also shared her illustrations in ‘Color and Learn – My First Zoroastrian Coloring Book’, an eight-page colouring book, that introduced children to our culture and traditions by highlighting basic Zarathushti symbols like the Sagan Ni Ses, Farohar, Atash, etc. It was another big hit with Zoroastrians the world over, providing many hours of fun and encouraging our tots to recognize and identify with all things Zoroastrian, even becoming a fab addition to Sunday School programs for young Zarthostis! A definite must-have for all parents with young children!

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