Thy Joy Fills The World From End To End, Ahura

Dasturji Dr. Manekji Naserwanji Dhalla.

Human spirit thrills with rapture when man gazes on the beautiful nature. Gardens and orchards, farms and fields ring with the sweet, sonorous songs of the beautiful birds, attired in lovely plumage. The winds waft the fragrance of the fields all around. From flower to flower does the busy bee hit to gather the nectar. The clouds play the game of hide and seek and amuse the sightseers. Bathed in the waters of joy that well up from his heart, man goes into peals of laughter rising to the sublime heights of emotion. Beyond compare is the joy that man finds in this world of a thousand wonders, when he lives in communion with nature.

Much of the sorrow seen in the world is of man’s own making. Great is man’s inhumanity to man. Human life would be more joyful, if selfishness and avarice, jealousy and mutual distrust, envy and hatred between races and races, nations and nations created not unnatural sorrow.

Sore is my spirit troubled, my strength fails me, when I am lost on life’s highway. Wakeful and restless I lay in bed. Troubled by the fitful fever of life, I seek refuge in Thee. Thou dost smooth away my worries and anxieties. There is joy, wherever, Thou art, for Thou art the fountain of joy. Void of Thee, life knows no joy. Let Thy joy replace my sorrow. When Thou dost fill my breast with joy, I feel every face I encounter, flushed with joy.

Precarious is the joy that life gives me. It lasts not long. What joy Thou dost give me lasts longer than long. It is beyond compare. My heart, then, is swelled with unspeakable joy. So great is my joy that I have never known its like. Fill my life with joy that shall endure, Ahura Mazda!

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