XYZ Holds A Global ‘Whacky Weekend’!

On 29th August, 2020, the XYZ Foundation planned a virtual international weekend camp – ‘The XYZ Whacky Weekend’ – marking the first step towards fulfilling XYZ’s plan to ‘Go Global’. It was an immersive, interactive and fun camp, with 75 participants from across the world, including participants from Canada, Pakistan, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Australia and Switzerland.

The first day kicked off with a brief introductory session followed by a Humbandagi. The participants were relegated to their individual group rooms, where they got acquainted with each other and collectively decided upon their team name, shout and captain. The captains of the five groups formed – ‘Eggcelent Eedus’; ‘Roblox’; ‘Prudent Parsis’; ‘Whacky Ds’; and ‘Global Avengers’ – then introduced themselves to their fellow groups.

An ‘Art Attack’ session, conducted by mentor Zeshah Davar, navigated the various nuances of the finger-painting technique. The highlight of the day was the ‘Scavenger Hunt’, which catered to all participants across various age groups. At the end of the day, all participants regrouped with their respective teams for the next day’s briefing. Day 1 of the ‘Whacky Weekend’ ended on a high note!

The morning session of Day 2 provided an informative and interactive round titled, ‘Who Am I?’, followed by a fun session of ‘Gujarati Pictionary’. Both these activities greatly succeeded inimparting basic knowledge about the Who’s Who of the world and our community, along with a good practice session and understanding of the Gujarati language. The afternoon session commenced with the game – Food Housie, with hand-made Housie tickets bearing testimony to the plethora of the participants’ excellent creative talents.

The participants then dispersed to their team rooms to discuss the ‘Whacky Weekend’ video, which is currently available on XYZ’s social media pages. In the overall results, the ‘Whacky Ds’ emerged as the reigning champions of the XYZ Whacky Weekend. The participants walked away with new friends, fond memories and lots of interesting information about our community. All in all – the XYZ Whacky Weekend was a huge success!

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