WAPIZ Promotes Self-Sustenance By Distributing Free Sewing Machines

On 28th November, 2020, Community service organisation WAPIZ, under the able leadership of its CEO – Anahita Desai, distributed fifteen brand-new Singer Sewing Machines free, to under-privileged community members, to support their families. Earlier in the month, on 23rd November, WAPIZ had shared a WhatsApp message asking community members who could benefit from the use of the sewing machine as a means of income from it, to connect with them.

Within 24 hours they received 32 requests! “We will go through the requests and prioritise giving to the truly needy and deserving. We are also trying to get additional funds for more sewing machines so that we don’t disappoint other deserving applicants,” Anahita Desai CEO, WAPIZ, had stated.

Speaking to Parsi Times, Anahita Desai said, “It was the donor’s idea to give sewing machines to deserving Parsis. The donor wishes to remain anonymous. Helping persons to earn a living, supplement their family income and thereby, become self-sufficient, is much better than handing out doles or monetary help. This enhances their self-esteem and also infuses a sense of confidence in them in their ability to take care of themselves and their families.”

As the CEO of WAPIZ, as well as in her capacity as a Zarthosti who has dedicated the greater part of her adult life to community service, Anahita Desai truly sets the precedent for all community members to reach out and help fellow Parsis. Much gratitude and kudos to Anahita Desai!

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