Letters to the Editor

Trusteeship For BPP

 As each BPP election costs about 40 lakhs to the coffers of BPP and a fairly big amount to the candidates, it is better that interim elections be avoided and the candidates are elected, uncontested. This time we have two virtuous candidates contesting – Anahita Desai, who commands an excellent track record of community service; and Berjis Dastur – a qualified Chartered Accountant and respected community luminary – who has agreed to file his nomination. His becoming a trustee will be of immense advantage as his qualifications, experience, wit and wisdom will work wonders for the BPP.

Are we to get any better choices with a cumbersome election draining away a big chunk of community funds? These two may be given a chance to prove their worthiness. The next general election is a year and a half away and we should elect them unopposed now, for the interim period, after which, all seven could put in their papers and seek a fresh mandate together.

Since the first election in 2008 to now, we have not as yet formed a legal code of conduct to encourage free and unbiased election. Though in 2014, some community stalwarts jointly formed a Charter of Coexistence, but that also was shelved. We had been apprised about an advisory committee, but we are not aware of its functionality. If we have guidelines to follow, on important issues, we can avoid this endless infighting on insignificant issues.

Despite being an educated, enlightened community, we are still not emancipated of issues across so many different aspects within our community. During the next elections, let us strive to have perfect planning to make it a success. Till then, let us decide to elect these two worthy candidates, uncontested.

By Piroja Homi Jokhi 


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