ZAC Holds Sherevar Parabh Jashan

A Jashan was performed in honor of Sherevar Amshashpand (Sherevar Mah, Sherevar Roj), at the
Zoroastrian Association of California (ZAC) by Ervads Zarrir and Zerkxis Bhandara. Sponsored by Dhun Alamshaw, the Jashan was attended online by about 40 people over Zoom. After the Jashan, Er. Zerkxis led the Humbandagi, followed by an explanation of the importance of Sherevar Amshaspand.

Sherevar Amshaspand looks after the sky and the attribute of this Amesha Spenta is moral strength and courage. The co-workers of Sherevar are Khurshed and Meher – the giver of light, Asman, and Aneran/Angraheraocha – the endless light. All these Yazatas are givers of light, and the light is synonymous with knowledge, an illumined mind, which is the quality of Dadar Ahura Mazda.

The adversary of Sherevar Amshashpand is bushiashasp, which is fear. Hence, us Parsis have to actively remove any fear from our lives as it is synonymous with Ahriman, and cannot survive on its own. Hence, it creeps on Ahura Mazda’s creations. All fear can be done away with through knowledge to gain strength, courage to lead a good life and praying to Sherevar Amshashpand to overcome obstacles, he explained.

Further, he narrated a couple of stories which highlighted how fear gets the better of people and always leads to destruction and loss. He concluded by asking the community to stay away from fears, shun the naysayers, including one’s own self, and to go ahead in life and aim to reach the Sun and shine bright by believing in yourself, saying, ‘Atha Zamyad Yatha Afrinami’, – may it be so, as I wish!

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