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A Time To Think…

Dear Readers,

One of the virtues we pride ourselves in, as a community, is our progressive outlook. We inherit this quality from our visionary predecessors who were true thought leaders, and who elevated the standard of living and life – for not just their fellow community members, but also for their fellow Indian citizens, with their legendary industriousness, uncompromising principles and resolute ethos.

We are the proud descendants of some of the greatest leaders across all genres – celebrated as the toast of this nation and the world! Leadership, then, should be viewed as an integral and sacred legacy of our community. It is because of this erstwhile leadership and foresight that our community has been enjoying special facilities and a sparkling reputation.

Unfortunately, instead of perpetuating and cementing this legacy of leadership with our active involvement and interest, many seem to take it for granted, eclipsed with a sense of entitlement, or worse – indifference.

In a democracy, where leadership is the culmination of the peoples’ vote, ‘good leadership’ is as much about the attributes of the elected leader(s), as it is about the electorate / voters who elected them.

With the interim BPP election for the seat of two trustees just a couple of weeks away, this would be a good time for us all to deliberate upon our choices. For the sake of the community’s future welfare and as our duty towards keeping alive the legacy of great leadership that our community was once known for, we must make the effort on two fronts. First – to understand the community-service related track-record of the contesting candidates. And second – to ensure that we go to vote and make our voice heard. It is truly the least we can do, as community members who partake the privileges of, and pride in being Parsi.

Have a good weekend!

– Anahita

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