Let Enthusiasm Be The Driving Power Of Youth

Dasturji Dr. Manekji Naserwanji Dhalla.

Youth is exuberant in cheerful energy and over-plus energy. Let me work in my youthful years with physical and mental exuberance. Let the cup of my vitality brim over all along my youth. Let me not fritter away my youthful years. Let me not indulge myself in indolence. Let me not oversleep my youth. Let me not be found sleeping at the cockcrow. Let me be up and doing at the first streak of dawn. Let me begin my daily work before the break of day. Let me be at my desk in the small hours of the morning.
Let me enure myself to fatigues and hardships in youth. Let me cheerfully endure cold and heat which the inclemency of the seasons bring. Let me not take my meal, till I have sweated for it. Let me have steadfast perseverance never to relent and never to relax in the task I undertake to perform. Strenuous work adds zest to the pursuit of life. Let me draw added zest from necessary rest and recreation. Nothing good and noble can be had in the world without honest labor and hard work and youth is the proper time for strenuous activity. Let me retain the vivacity of my youth as long as I can.
Youth is the period of florescence and fruition, budding and blossoming. The tender leaves of life sprout in spring. The fragile flower blooms but to fade. Slowly does the spring wear into summer and summer into autumn.
When old age replaces youth, let my mind work with its youthful vigor, even when my body begins to suffer from the weakness of the flesh. Let my heart retain its warmth of youth. Let me have the earnestness that my youth possessed. Youth had expectation in store before it. Age has experience in stock. Let me make the best use of my hoarded possession. I wish that I may be young again to live my youth once more.
Help me, Ahura Mazda, to carry my seventy years as though they were but fifty. Grant that I may witness a hundred winters that I may work with the soundness and durability of my body and agility of my mind.

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