From The Editor's Desk

From the Editors Desk

Thank You, Dear Readers! Dear Readers, It is only appropriate that I start with thanking you for your plentiful, appreciative response to our Jamshedi Navroz Special issue, considering its central theme itself was gratitude! Your kind words and support always encourage us all at Parsi Times, but make an even greater difference during these times, […]

‘A Costly Consent’ Indeed!

A Costly Consent The tussle over the postponement of the March 14, 2021 Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) trusteeship election would qualify among the most tragic, wasteful and meaningless utilization of scarce community and judicial resources. The 10-week rescheduling to May 23 served nobody’s purpose. Not only was former BPP Chairman Dinshaw Mehta unable to achieve […]

ZAC Celebrates Jamshedi Navroze

After a long wait, finally, the ZAC (Zoroastrian Association of California) opened its doors to devotees on the auspicious 21st March – Jamshedi Navroze. Earlier, the premise was thoroughly cleaned and decorated with chowk by ZAC members Arnavaz and Farhang Poorvafadari, Dhun and Ketty Alamshaw, Fardoon Dungore, Jimy Colabewalla, Navaz Modi, Rooky Fitter, Ruzbe Daruwalla, Ers. Zarrir and Zerkxis […]

Hyderabad’s Chenoy Agiary Colony Residents Welcome Navroz

The residents of Hyderabad’s Bai Maneckbai N. Chenoy Agiary Colony continued the tradition of celebrating the Spring Equinox with a contributory, common ‘Jamshedi Navroze’ Table Spread, at the Agiary hall, on 20th March, 2021. Ensuring the participation of all 36 families of the Agiary’s residential complex, each family contributed one item on the table. All […]