From the Editors Desk

From The Editor's Desk

Thank You, Dear Readers!

Dear Readers,

It is only appropriate that I start with thanking you for your plentiful, appreciative response to our Jamshedi Navroz Special issue, considering its central theme itself was gratitude! Your kind words and support always encourage us all at Parsi Times, but make an even greater difference during these times, when fear and despondency, caused by the pandemic, clamps down on the mood, energy and morale of all.

Team PT is honoured and humbled at the continuing commendations from readers, who recognize and regard our efforts, as the community’s only news-weekly to have provided community members with an uninterrupted, weekly issue of all community news, events and regaling features in print/hard-copy format, from August 2020 onwards. This decision was taken, especially in keeping with the constant requests of our community seniors, who were not comfortable reading off the digital platforms – when printing was temporarily paused due to the lockdown and its aftermath. On behalf of Team PT, I am privileged to reinforce our commitment to our community!

This weekend marks the advent of the auspicious festival of colours – Holi, which shares the essence of our very own Jamshedi Navroz, as it represents the arrival of Spring, and the triumph of good over evil. Here’s looking forward to the new, rejuvenating Spring season and wishing that its advent truly does away with every evil at every level – be it the global pandemic, or then, our little community’s large differences and disputes, which continue to chip away at its legendary glory.

Speaking of which, I would like to share a special note of thanks to our friend and colleague, Jehangir Patel – the brilliant Editor-in-Chief of our community’s foremost magazine, Parsiana – for consenting to share his excellent editorial, which highlights the community’s current predicament as also the urgent need for community members to shake off the garb of careless indifference (Pg. 6).

Have a good weekend! Happy Holi!

– Anahita


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