Tribute To Hoshang And Soonu Buhariwalla

1st Death Anniversary Remembrance

Hoshang Buhariwalla

(29th August, 1943  – 10th July, 2020)

One’s greatness lies not in what one has, it lies in what one gives!


Mr. Hoshang and his wife, Soonu Buhariwalla, would often come to meet my husband, Yazdi, at the WAPIZ office. It was since then that we forged a special friendship. Hoshang Buhariwalla was a simple man who had a consummate passion to help the less fortunate; he wanted to help his beloved Parsi Zarthoshti community. Neither a big industrialist, nor a sethia or business tycoon, but he had a heart of gold.

Unfortunately, Hoshang Buhariwalla passed away last year without fulfilling his dream/vision. His bereaved wife, Soonu, decided to honour and fulfill her beloved husband’s wish and dream. She contacted me to take forward his vision. She was guided and supported in this journey by Karyesh and Sherry Patel. In this last year alone, Soonu Hoshang Buhariwalla has done phenomenal charity – for our community and for cosmopolitan causes. The pandemic failed in deterring her from doing good. In total, she donated Rs. 2 crores in memory of her husband, towards various causes and institutions.

She donated the entire amount needed to get the Tarachand Bungli at Doongerwadi renovated. She especially chose to have this bungli renovated as this lower bungli serves mostly our less fortunate humdins. Soonu aunty also donated to fully renovate the Sodawaterwalla Agiary (Marine Lines), where I am a Trustee. The renovated Agiary will be inaugurated shortly. A Medical Fund has been established through WAPIZ by Soonu aunty, in memory of her husband, Hoshang. Interest from the corpus is being used to help persons with medical expenses. She further donated to WZO for having 4 houses built in rural Gujarat for our underprivileged brethren. Parukh Dharamshala residents were also donated bedside cabinets in their rooms.

Wanting to help make women financially self-sufficient during the pandemic, which left many families without income, Soonu aunty donated sewing machines. She sponsored the navjote of 2 brothers and has extended help to many individuals to pay their children’s school and college fees. And finally, she has donated her bungalow at Khardi to Ahura Support (the NGO for the welfare of Special Children). Alongside this largesse to our community, many cosmopolitan institutions too have been the recipient of her generosity.

I would be failing in my duty if I did not publicly acknowledge this wonderful couple’s outstanding philanthropy! May Ahura Mazda shower his choicest blessings on you, dear Soonu aunty  and grant Garothman behesht to Hoshang uncle’s ruvan. 


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